Newsletter - February 2013

Life is at full speed in Billiri, Nigeria. The holidays were relaxing and now it’s full steam ahead. Immediately after the New Year, we hosted a YWAM DTS from the Abuja campus. We kept them busy with evangelism, counseling, & various projects. They were around for 3 weeks and were a big blessing to the community here. We participated with them when possible, as we worked around the preparations for the opening ceremony of our school.


We finally acquired the key to the facility we’re renting for the next year for the school and held the inauguration almost 3 weeks ago. Many of the community members were there and expressed their full support in our ministries. We were delighted to see many of the influential community leaders, including a delegate from the Chief’s palace, in attendance. There was one individual who drove 8 hours to attend the ceremony. So far, we’ve sold over 100 applications for the various programs.


Last week, the whole family took a short break. Well, sort of. Eric followed up on a commitment to teach a class in Jos. And we decided that the whole family should accompany him. While Eric was teaching, Cindy and the kids enjoyed the numerous comforts of Jos: friends, familiar food, fast internet, and nice weather.


Thank you all for your extra donations towards our new car. We only had to adjust our budget slightly in order to cover the cost. It’s a Toyota station wagon. Best feature by far: the AC! Caleb asked, “How is it getting cool in the car?” The timing was good too. Our old bus has been at the mechanic now for about a month.


God Bless,

Eric, Cindy, Hannah, Jillian, Emily, Elijah, Caleb, & Naomi