July 2017 Newsletter

Thank you to all who have responded to our last newsletter with much encouragement and love.


Right now, we are in Colorado with Eric’s parents. In mid-August, we’ll drop off Jillian at Cedarville University in Ohio for her first semester. After that, we will travel to Long Island for a week or 2 before making the drive back to Colorado. For the most part, we intend to remain in Colorado for the fall semester.


Jillian recently attended a 12-day “MK Transition Seminar.” It was held at Cedarville with 32 other participants who have been living with their parents who serve as missionaries in various parts of the world. Each participant is preparing for the transition from living overseas with their parents into adulthood in this confusing country, the USA. We highly recommend this annual seminar for any emerging adult who has grown up on the mission field and is preparing for college.


In our absence, the school in Nigeria seems to be running smoothly. They recently said goodbye to a 3-month YWAM outreach team which has been living at our facilities and working closely with our staff and students. During this time, our school also provided a 1-month free computer class. This class was offered to people who had regularly attended our Christian seminars which were provided earlier this year. The robotics program is also running full steam.


In the coming weeks, our school will commence the 5-month discipleship school which is one of our staple ministries in the community. This will be the first time running the class while our family is out of the country. But with a few veteran staff along with a couple of highly respected newcomers, we believe the students will have a life-transforming experience. We are helping with logistics as much as possible from this end.


Currently, Eric is preparing for a 1-month trip to Nigeria at the end of September. He has been invited to teach again for the Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMET) School. This session will include a large section on Raspberry Pi which is a relatively new device for Eric. So he is undergoing some self-education. During the month in Nigeria, Eric will spend 2 weeks with the BMET program and then travel to Billiri to encourage the staff at our school as well as teach for a couple of weeks in the discipleship school.


Lastly, Jillian has an Amazon Wish List of items which are needed for the nursing program at Cedarville. She also has some miscellaneous expenses which are in the bullet list below. We appreciate any contributions which are made towards these needs.


  • CPR certification -- $54
  • Uniform -- $75
  • Shoes for clinical -- $30-100
  • Stethoscope -- $66-140
  • Bandage scissors & penlight -- $6.50
  • Background check -- $30
  • Physical examination -- $35
  • Laptop -- $500
  • Books -- $940 (this is for used books!)


Again, we appreciate all of your love and support,


Eric & Cindy Black