August 2007 update - mailing requests, visas, baby, etc

August 8, 2007


Praise Report:

We received 3 of the boxes of books that we sent from the U.S. before we came to Nigeria!!!  There are 3 boxes left to come.  We mailed these about a month after the first 2, so we are praying that they will make it also.  We have finished last year’s school work!  The children all worked hard to do extra work so they could have a little break before starting a new year’s work.  As most of the books for this year are in the 3 boxes that are yet to come, we will start school full time when they arrive.


Our Mailing Address:

Now that we have received some packages we are confident to give out our mailing address.  We have been asked by many of you where to send things and what we would like you to send.  Here is a little list with a few ideas of things that would bless us.  Be aware of the package weight, we have been told that shipping costs have gone up.


Eric Black

P.O. Box 12447, Umungasi, ABA

ABIA State, Nigeria, West Africa


Letters and Pictures from all of you

Ice cube trays

Spaghetti scoop/spoon




Peanut M&M’s

Any kind of Chocolate

Non perishable cheese

After we get moved in to an apartment we will have a better idea of what we need or wish for.


Visa Update:

We have an extension on or visa that is good until the end of August!  We are still working with the visa office to get a long term visa.  It is nice to see some progress in this area.  Please pray with us that this process will come along quickly.


Apartment Update:

Uzomah’s lawyer has given the man with the apartment a letter to formally ask for our money back or the keys (with the rest of the renovations finished).  He is supposed to answer this letter by Thursday.  Please pray that God’s will be done in this situation.  He knows where we are to live!


Baby Update:

We have about five weeks left until the baby is due and are starting to feel a bit unprepared for his arrival, so we have visited a few hospitals to have the baby at.  The one in Aba was not very well equipped and not very clean, but the doctor did seem knowledgeable.  One in Port Harcourt was very clean and seemed well equipped, but the price is a lot more than we were planning on spending.  The other one in Port Harcourt was not as nice and maybe not as well equipped, but is still heads above the one in Aba and at an affordable price.  We have one more hospital to check out in Port Harcourt that has been recommended.  Please pray with us as we decide where to bring this little blessing into the world.  Just as the Lord has the perfect place for us to live, He also has the perfect place for us to deliver this baby.


CBS Update:

Eric has spoken at a few churches in Port Harcourt this past week and is speaking at a Bible study in Aba this morning.  He and Uzomah are beginning to recruit for this next school year which will begin in September.  Cindy has been working on a brochure for them to give out with information on the school.


We are so thankful to have wonderful prayer warriors like all of you standing in the gap for us.  Thank You!


With love,

The Black Family