August 2008 - The SGT short team goes home to NY & the Black family returns to Aba

Hello family and friends,
Wow!  The last 6 weeks or so have been a whirlwind. 
For those who haven't heard, Cindy's mother passed away at the end of June, so she and Caleb rushed to Kansas for the funeral and to spend time with her family.  Eric stayed in Nigeria with the other kids while preparing for the Inauguration of the Bible School, preparing for the short term team from our home Church in New York, homeschooling the kids, etc. 
Then Cindy returned with the team and we had a wonderful 12 days of ministry.  After that, Eric went with a team from Mission Africa on a trip to Maiduguri (far Northern Nigeria) to work with the Kanuri tribe.  Eric just got home last night and we are experiencing our "normal" life again in Nigeria for the first time since the end of June. 
We have a lot of emails to catch up on and a lot of updating to do on our website.  We'll keep you posted.  Thank you for all of your emails and prayers.
Please keep us in your prayers for:
  1. general health
  2. quick regrouping/refocusing as our family is re-united in Aba
God Bless you all!
The Black Family