December 2012 Newsletter

Our family is enjoying our new environment and our new home. Since moving, we’ve been able to get into a comfortable routine with ministry, homeschooling, and family life.


A few weeks ago, we hosted a YWAM team from Port Harcourt combined with a team from Montana. They taught a Bible overview in 2 locations and the inductive Bible study method in another. Including all 3 events, there were at least 300 attendees from various churches and denominations. While it was very successful, it also demonstrated the hunger of the Tangale people to know God on a deeper level.


After that, Eric took a trip back to southern Nigeria for another FCA (Fellowship of Christian Assemblies) program with various churches. At the end of 2 long days of public transport, he was informed that he was to be the main speaker at the approaching night vigil. In the following days, He was able to encourage several new member churches in the FCA organization.


Please pray for us concerning the location of our new school in Billiri. We originally had a building offered to us for free. Since then, the organization who owns the building has restructured their leadership. And the new leadership wants to charge us $400 per month. Considering the local economy, it should be around $100 per month. The lengthy negotiation process has delayed us considerably. Please pray for clear direction for us to either be persistent in the negotiations or start looking for other options. On the bright side, we have plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. We prefer to be patient rather than make hasty decisions.


Please consider an extra donation to the Black family. It has only been 6 months since we had the engine rebuilt in our van. We paid extra for the mechanic to use original parts and we were hoping to get a couple more years out of it. But the engine is already having more problems. That van has seen some amazing adventures and endured much! But we’ve decided to limit it to short distances now. Conveniently, we have a trusted friend in Jos who is selling their station wagon for $4000. We felt it was the right opportunity to purchase another vehicle from a reliable source. But we didn’t plan for it in our budget. We’re tightening our belts for a while until we can recover. Any extra help would be highly appreciated.

We pray that you and your families will enjoy the celebration of Christ’s birth this season.


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