February Newsletter

We just updated our e-mail address book, so if you are getting this by mistake, please let us know and we will take you off our list.


We apologize for the delay in getting this newsletter out. Eric wrote it three weeks ago.


We have great news! A short term team from our home Church will be coming in July. I have attached a flyer for you to get more information. If you are interested in joining us here in Nigeria, please let us know.


Hannah has been working on updating the website, so be looking for new information and pictures soon.


The Black Family has been busy since the New Year. On January 3rd, the DTS students all returned from outreach and finished up their debriefing before graduating on January 8th. Then 2 days later, Eric became a student of the School of Biblical Studies. He is taking the first of three trimesters. The reason our newsletters have been scarce this year is because he has done about 200 pages of reports in the last 7 weeks and spends any remaining time with the family. He has 5 more weeks to finish the New Testament.


After that, we’ll have a few weeks before Eric and Cindy help staff the School of Evangelism which is being run in Nigeria for the first time. We’re hoping that our family can be utilized to help keep the school running after it has been pioneered. This school will occupy a large portion of the remainder of the year.


Cindy and Jillian (and Naomi) are excited as they prepare to go back to New York for a few weeks for the annual missions convention at our Church on Long Island. It will be Naomi’s first time out of Nigeria. They are planning to arrive around May 19th and will stay until around June 14th. Eric will take care of the other kids in Nigeria while Cindy, Jillian, and Naomi are in the USA.


As we said in a previous update, our church will send a short-term team in July (tentatively between the 8th and 24nd). Feel free to let us know if you are interested in coming for an outreach in Africa. We will be happy if any of you join.


The kids are doing well. They stay very busy with school work. We are getting ready to renew our yearly pool pass at a nearby hotel. As the heat is increasing, it will be vital to make regular visits to cool off. Cindy just got her Nigerian Drivers License and is hoping to drive the kids to the pool while Eric is in school. But so far she hasn’t driven more than about 2 miles from our compound. It is a stressful environment to learn to drive a manual transmission.


God bless you,

Eric and Cindy Black