January 9, 2008

Happy New Year to you all,


We’ve been continuing our Holidays with a much slower pace.  On New Years Eve, we went to Uzomah’s village in Imo State.  We stayed there for 2 nights and had a wonderful time with Uzomah and his extended family.  The compound where we stayed was originally owned by Uzomah’s Father, his Father’s 3 brothers, and their 15 wives (and their respective children).  Yes, that is an average of 3.75 wives per husband.  Polygamy was traditionally very common in Nigeria, but today it is not generally practiced by Christians.


After we returned from the village, we spent a day preparing for our own Family’s New Year Celebration.  Then, we ate more yummy food, played games, watched videos on the computer, and Eric got his football cravings out with some YouTube videos on the web.  It takes about 45 minutes to download a 5 minute clip, so he watched them over and over again once they were downloaded.  Below, we embedded a short clip of some good ole’ KSU football highlights that Eric particularly liked.


Eric is preparing to start teaching a computer class when CBS starts up again next week.  Earlier this week, he took Jillian and Elijah and attempted to go to Abuja to pick up Caleb’s U.S. passport, but the bus broke down about 45 minutes from Aba.  They stayed the night on the bus and the next morning they found another bus back to Aba.  They will try again next week.


We’ve added some new things to our website that you may want to check out.  These have been added since our last email update:

·         Bipolar Caleb Video (scroll to the bottom of the page)

·         Pictures and Video of the New Year at the Village (scroll to bottom)

·         Hannah has updated the Family Newz (by popular demand)

·         Prayer Points for Nigeria and our Family


Coming soon, we will add some information about the short-term mission trip that our home Church is organizing.  The tentative dates are July 12-26.  We will put more information on our webpage soon.


God Bless,

The Blacks