Cameroon Trip Report - C.B.S. graduations at Bamenda and Bafoussam

Eric is now home from Cameroon.  There were many difficulties with traveling but the learning experience made the trip worth the effort.  He was encouraged to see 2 other Bible Schools in full operation.  He spent much time with Pastor Rich from our Church in NY and another gentleman from our Church, Terry Sullivan.  They spent much of their time going to different churches and meeting with other missionaries to discuss the progress of their various ministries.  Eric also enjoyed the lovely landscape and temperate weather of Cameroon.


The Bible School in Bafoussam had their first graduating class and approximately 1600 people came to the ceremony.  Bamenda had their 5th graduating class and it was a success as well, considering other uncontrollable circumstances.  The facility that was reserved 3 months prior was unexpectedly commandeered by the Governor for a political speech.  We were notified the afternoon before the graduation and had to arrange another building for the following morning.  Despite the mix-up and other things, we still had about 500 people attend the graduation. 


Eric heard countless reports from the graduates and other alumni of how the school prepared them for their ministries.  Some were Pastors.  Some were Missionaries.  Some were preparing to start Bible Schools in other cities in Africa.  Some were helping with widows and orphans.  One of the challenges with an inter-denominational school is gaining acceptance and confidence from other denominations, but it was evident by the number of denominations represented, that the challenge was overcome. 


Pastor Rich and Terry brought about 200 lbs of items for us that was sent by Eric’s parents and some of our friends.  To our knowledge, the only things that didn’t make it back to Aba were some chocolate truffles that thoroughly melted, but we managed to salvage and consume most of them anyway.  We also lost a bag of Cheetos that exploded on the airplane.  Some of those were still consumed as well.  We are very grateful for those who collected the items and for Rich and Terry to lug them across the Ocean for us.  Thank you!!!