June 2011

Cindy, Jillian, & Naomi have returned from their trip to the US. The rainy season has come to cool things off. The kids have wrapped up their school year. And the School of Evangelism (SOE) has begun.


Cindy had a great time in the US. She greatly appreciated everybody’s hospitality. And she enjoyed the opportunity to share about how God is using you and us to accomplish his work in Nigeria. As we are staffing the SOE, we are already praying about our next step. We feel like we have accomplished our purpose here in Port Harcourt and are praying about taking YWAM to other parts of Nigeria once the SOE is over.


Cindy and I are honored to be a part of the SOE. It has been 16 years since we took the school and have enjoyed participating in the school again. Some examples of the teaching/activities so far have included:

  • Good character as a foundation for evangelism
  • Public Speaking (Ken Davis Video)       
  • Weekly missions-awareness presentations
  • Weekly evangelism
  • Theology of Sin, Faith, Atonement, Repentance, etc.

Future topics include church planting, worldviews, fundraising, and church history. And similarly to most YWAM schools, we have a 3 month outreach for the students to practice what they have learned. The outreach will be in northern Nigeria and Togo. We plan on participating in the first half of the outreach, but will stay back when the rest go to Togo.


Next week, we will be receiving a team from our home church on Long Island, Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle. Five will be flying in while the 6th team member, Heidi Erdvig, arrived early to spend a few weeks with us prior to the others’ arrival. The team will spend 2 weeks in a safe part of Nigeria on the border between the Muslim north and Christian south. This is an area where YWAM is pioneering a new YWAM campus that emphasizes community development. We are excited about the make-up of the team. Three were participants in the previous outreach from our church in 2008. And 2 of them have previously served as missionaries in a radical Islamic nation. We will do our best to send them back home safely, healthy, and very, very exhausted.