November 2010

We apologize for the lack of pictures with this newsletter. But our family has been mobile since mid-October. Accommodations, schedule, lack of electricity (for laptop battery) and internet availability have limited us to a quick non-multimedia newsletter.


As we communicated in our previous update, the Discipleship Training School (DTS) which we are leading is doing their 3-month outreach. Part of the team is in Umuahia, which is in the southeast part of Nigeria near the Niger Delta. The other part of the team is 1000 miles away in Maiduguri, which is in the far Northeast corner of Nigeria. This team in the North will have visited a variety of locations which are mostly Muslim. The DTS team in Umuahia is working mostly with Christians and Animists. Both outreach teams are having a busy, effective, and life-changing experience. Our varieties of ministries have included rural and urban ministry, cross-cultural evangelism, sports ministry, orphans, youth discipleship, and community development.


Our family is currently with the team in the North. Eric just finished a week of teaching in the DTS at the Maiduguri YWAM campus. In a few days, we will leave the team in the North and make our way to join the team in Umuahia. Umuahia is only about 2 hours from our home at the Port Harcourt YWAM campus. Cindy and the kids will probably stay in Port Harcourt while Eric bounces between home and the team in Umuahia.


What’s next? The DTS will graduate on January 8th. Two days later, Eric will begin a 3 month School of Biblical Studies (SBS) at the YWAM Port Harcourt Campus. In May, Cindy and a couple of kids will come back to Long Island for our church’s annual mission’s convention. Lastly, our home church is planning a short-term trip to Nigeria for 2011. Please send us an email if you are interested in coming to minister alongside our family in Africa for a couple of weeks. There’s much more, but we’ll save it for another update.


We love you all and pray for the best as you celebrate the Holidays,


The Blacks